K-16 Science Education


image of k16 program

The K-16 Science Education program is a unique, interactive, and collaborative venture among Edgewood College, Edgewood High School, Edgewood Campus School, and the Madison community. The program brings together students from all grade levels to participate in science-related activities, projects, and presentations. Younger students find it fascinating and challenging to work with older students, and the older students come away with memorable experiences working with young and creative minds. Both groups of students learning from each other has been a great benefit of this program.

The program also incorporates opportunities for students to interact and collaborate with the Madison community regarding current science-related issues and initiatives. For example, the organization Friends of Lake Wingra, a group that works to protect the lake, has been and continues to be very involved with our students.

Members of the community and our students work together on projects such as watershed clean-up, water sample studies of Lake Wingra, and the planning and construction of rain gardens, which help to reduce the amount of polluted run-off into lakes. Group activities such as these are not only educational; students have fun and are inspired by the professional scientists and concerned citizens out there in their communities working every day to improve their future.

One of the greatest benefits of a program like this is its uncommon structure; it takes students out of a traditional lecture setting and drops them right into the field. Students not only learn research skills and techniques, but they also feel the sense of being involved in a meaningful activity where their actions and efforts make a real difference.