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K-16 Science Education

About us

image of chemistry week - k16 program


The K-16 Science Education program aims to engage students of all grades at Edgewood in enriching science-related activities and programs. Edgewood's unique K-16 emphasis on science instruction penetrates age, grade and institutional boundaries to identify what teaching and learning experiences provide the greatest benefit to each individual. Each of our Edgewood institutions has strengths, expertise and resources that are shared effectively with the each other. Our mission is to identify these and maximize their benefit to all at Edgewood.


  • Provide students the unique experience to explore science beyond the classroom and learn about their environment.
  • Create an environment where students of various age groups learn from each other.
  • Promote successful participation on teams and in groups.
  • Encourage students to become informed, engaged, and compassionate citizens.
  • Inspire students to take responsibility for the fostering of the sustainable Earth citizenship.